Fashion Tips Below The Waist For Men By Jacksy November 09 2015

The days of wearing underwear as purely an undergarment are gone- and fashion experts nationwide are seizing the opportunity to make your underwear a fashion accessory. So how can you express your style through your briefs or boxers? And how can you ensure that you remain comfortable, while keeping current with the latest underwear trends?


Many experts agree that the key to keeping underwear stylish, is to first and foremost ensure that your waistband fits the bill. When men move around, the waistband of their boxers and briefs is usually on show. In order to ensure that your waistband is fashionable, look for underwear that focuses on simplicity. Waistbands that arent overcrowded with graphics or fonts will give you the suave and sophisticated look that is heavily endorsed by the fashion world today.


If youre interested in using your underwear to emphasize your assets, then British fashion experts suggest choosing underwear that fits and even clinches your figure. Choosing the correct size for your body is to key to ensuring that your underwear doesnt appear baggy or uneven under your trousers. Likewise, choosing a pair of underwear that features a tight waistband and fitted design can enhance your lower body, while keeping you snug and supported.

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