Guys: Are You Getting The Best Support With Your Underwear? November 19 2015

Guys: Are You Getting The Best Support With Your Underwear?


Supportive underwear is key to your comfort and wellbeing. And while most men understand the importance of support, they also tend to opt for underwear that provides ease of movement and breathability. However, when choosing your underwear, you should ideally find a pair of boxers or briefs that offers both. This is sometimes a process that is specific to your body, although below weve listed a number of general ways for you to find the most supportive underwear.


So how do you know if youre getting the best support with your underwear? The first thing to consider is what type of underwear youre wearing most frequently. Boxer shorts, while loose and comfortable, offer the least amount of support. However, this isnt to say that you should avoid boxers entirely. The important thing to remember is that you should choose boxers that offer an element of support. This could be structural, as a result of the way that the panels and seams are arranged, or material based- as a result of the fabric being elasticated.


As a rule of thumb, however, boxer shorts are best avoided when it comes to support. They are considerably less supportive than other underwear, and boxer briefs for example, are much a much more effective choice for men. In fact, boxer briefs offer the ideal combination of comfort and support. They offer a similar cut to the loose boxer, while also providing the close fit and necessary support that is typical to traditional briefs.


Briefs are the ideal option where support is concerned. They offer structural support, that keeps your body comfortably in check. For this reason, briefs are the underwear of choice for most athletes and sportsmen. Briefs are also more supportive as they consist of less material, and more elasticated fabrics.


When youre buying underwear, its also important that you choose the right fit. While it can be tedious to try new purchases on before buying them, or worst yet return them once paid for- the power of a good fit shouldnt be underestimated. Ensuring that underwear is tailored for your body will give you the support you need.