What Lies Beneath July 06 2016

Despite the post title, this isn’t a horror story. More an affectionate love story of the unseen.

There’s something about underwear. Whether you are a man or a woman, the satisfaction of a well fitting, comfortable, flattering piece of underwear is something we can all associate with.

It’s strange when you think about it. As very few, if any people will actually get to see it. Yet underwear has the potential to make us feel sexy & confident.  It is also an essential companion to a good outfit, even though it is never visible.

Imagine dressing for an occasion.  A wedding, party, big night out, or just an important business meeting.  Your shirt is crisply ironed, suit dry cleaned, shoes gleaming. There is no way you are pairing this killer outfit with anything but the best from your underwear drawer.

As with all fashion comfort and style have to go together. There is little point looking good if you spend all your time readjusting and redressing, its not a good look where underwear is concerned!

The guys over at Jacksy have come up with a range of men’s underwear which is both bold in colour (something I am a big fan of!) and more comfortable than nearly any other brand I have worn before. And even more importantly, they have done so at a price which doesn’t leave you wincing.

It’s fabulous to see companies like this challenging the big boys of the clothing world and providing style, substance and comfort is accessible to all.

This is a genuine review of a product I rate highly.  So if you are a fan of their bold style and are looking for something that balances comfort, style, and affordability, then I would suggest you check them out!

IMG_0056[1] IMG_0057[1]


Thanks to Amelte for the great review check out his blog Amelte