Team Jacksy

Ollie Moore - Wakeskater


Ollie Moore - Been on the water since a little grom, started competing in '09 progressing his riding and style on a wakeskate, making things happen while trying to make a name for himself! 2012 has been his biggest year so far taking titles such as boat & cable national champ, boat european champ, silver at the cable europeans and silver also at the cable world championships. As the riding season has settled it's time for Ollie to recover his body through the winter and prepare for the season of 2013!

Toby Yeo - Wakeboarder

Toby Yeo, Hails from Manchester, England but has recently just spent the Summer in London riding and living the London life. Mostly concentrating on his rail and cable riding but loves charging in to the wake every once in awhile. With a 2nd place finish overall on the first Grassroots tour topped with a Syndicate wake 'own the spot' win, mixed in with a little coaching and partying here and there too, Toby has had a fun year! Toby has his goals set high again throughout the winter. To keep riding as much as possible, get to 100% fitness for next year, trip to Thai wake park and to work on a new website which will be realised early 2013.